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Here's what our customers say about us

Mick Montgomery Global Marketing Creative Operations Director, Riot Games “Easyassign has created huge efficiency gains and given management much greater insight as to what our people are doing and how best to support them."

Dustin Glasscoe Founder at Vermont Farm Table
"The invoicing app built by Easyapps took the dream to a new level enabling us to generate invoices directly from within Airtable.”

Easyassign for Airtable

Easily identify and select the best qualified person for the job, availability wise, in large multi-tasking teams.

Personnel heatmaps

With support for custom per-person workload capacities.

Workload charts

Easily identify overbooked and under-booked personnel.

Project templates

Generate tasks in batch from project templates.

Automate task generation

Automatically generate tasks from synced-in data.

Your base, your workflows

We'll work closely with you to adapt easyassign to your base and automate all your workflows.

Other Airtable Extensions


Award winner - easily create country, year, month, day and time slot fields in any world language.

Our awesome features
Spreadsheet formulas

Run advanced formulas on your airtable records, with out-of-the-box support for 188 spreadsheet functions.

Our awesome features
URL viewer

Display the content of your URL fields inside your base with support for ANY page or content you can share with a url.

Our awesome features

Create rich text guides and manuals for your workflow and base, with embedded videos, images and a table of contents.

Our awesome features
Duplicates marker

Find records that are duplicates of one another and link them to each other using linked record fields.

Our awesome features

Our services

With dozens of years of experience designing & developing advanced systems quickly and reliably, our team has done it all. And now, we're doing it with Airtable.

Base design

With our extensive data modeling experience, we'll help you come up with the best design for your needs.

Data preparation & import

Need to import data from other systems? We've got you covered. We'll help you clean & transform your data as part of the process as well.

Automations & integrations

We'll create advanced automations and integrations to make your workflows as seamless as they can be.

Custom apps

Looking to create advanced custom apps? As the creators of award-winning apps, we are the leading experts in this area.

Software Development

Do you have more complex requirements? Our development services will bring them to life, quickly and reliably.

Reports & dashboards

We'll build personalized reports and dashboards using Airtable's Interfaces or your favorite Business Intelligence tool.