Generate invoices directly from within Airtable

Easily create invoices for your customers directly from your Airtable bases. Payments are then synced back automatically - no manual reconciling necessary.


Manage invoices inside of Airtable

Generate invoices, cancel them, delete drafts and easily navigate to paid invoices directly from Airtable.

No manual reconciling necessary

All payments made against an invoice are updated automatically in Airtable.

Supports split payments

Contextual links back to Square make it simple to quickly adjust a payment schedule when needed.

Advanced customization

While creating an invoice you can set optional billing addresses, shipping addresses, tax rates, tax names and new line items.

Generate new invoices for the same order

Partially paid invoices can be cancelled and new invoices for the same order will automatically discount payments already made.

Auto-append product images

Shortened URL links to product images can be appended to line item descriptions.

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