Generate invoices directly from your Airtable data

Easily create invoices directly from within Airtable. All payments are then synced back automatically to Airtable - no manual reconciling necessary.

Here's what our customer says about Easyinvoice

Dustin Glasscoe Founder at Vermont Farm Table
"After 15 years in business Airtable has enabled us to finally gain one source of truth from our multiple data sources. Easyinvoice took the dream to a new level enabling us to generate invoices directly from within Airtable with all payments synced back to Airtable. Easyapps matched all of our needs, including support for all major payment types, invoices with payment schedules, ability to record external payments, and much more.”


Manage invoices inside of Airtable

Generate invoices, cancel them and easily navigate to paid invoices directly from within Airtable.

All payments are synced back into Airtable

All payments made against an invoice are updated automatically in Airtable, with no manual reconciling necessary.

Split invoices into multiple payments

Split an invoice into a deposit and a balance to support your exact business needs. The balance can be split into 12 payments.

Custom tax rates and addresses per invoice

While creating an invoice you can set optional billing addresses, shipping addresses, tax rates and tax names all from your Airtable data.

Record external payments

Payments received through external sources, such as wire transfer and cheques, can be easily recorded and synced back to Airtable.

Cancel and recreate partially paid invoices

Partially paid invoices can be cancelled and new invoices for the same order will automatically discount payments already made.

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