Increase your company's productivity by simplifying and improving your resourcing with Easyassign

Easyassign helps enterprise businesses visualize and manage their team's workloads, so they can prevent employee burnout, spend more time executing and drive down costs.

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Why Riot Games loves us

With a large team full of different workflows and priorities, Riot Games wanted to better manage their creative department’s resources. We helped them streamline their entire creative process, with the goal of every team being able to identify and select the best qualified person for the job. They reported:

“60% less spend on casting and resource allocation.”

“We can finally calculate the ROI on our marketing efforts.”

“Visibility we never had before”

"So much more efficient"

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Mick Montgomery Global Marketing Creative Operations Director, Riot Games “Easyassign has created huge efficiency gains and given management much greater insight as to what our people are doing and how best to support them."

Cassie Jo Dull Global Marketing Creative Operations Manager at Riot Games "Now all the teams are working together a lot more, our process is standardized across teams, which makes people work more collaboratively. We highly recommend Easyassign!”

How it works

Find the right person at the right time

Personnel heatmaps help teams instantly find the right person with availability at the right time. Spread the work out better and save thousands in wasted effort.

Stop burnout

Easyassign's workload charts show which employees are over-capacity and prevent more work being assigned to them. Stop your team from getting stretched too thin.

Save money on expensive vendors

Easyassign makes it easy to share resources between teams, which means less reliance on outsourcing to expensive external vendors.

Fewer meetings, more focus

Project templates make batching and automating tasks a breeze. Save hours of meeting time for your team that they can use for delivering great work.